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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Make Solar Energy Work for You!!
My New Book Will Light the Way.
Light On the Earth: The Solar Option
By Jonathan R. Cole
Get it at

Based on Jonathan Cole's 27 years of experience in designing, building and living with solar energy systems, this book, in clear, concise language, spells out the path to successfully utilizing solar energy to supply your energy needs. Reading this will enable you and/or your contractor/installer to build a low-maintenance, cost-effective solar energy system that you can rely on for decades.

The dramatic, pressing need to get people to start taking individual responsibility for their energy-use habits has now reached a critical point. The quality of life of all future generations is hanging in the balance. We must change the way we use energy.

Light on the Earth: The Solar Option provides the knowledge and actions required to help reverse the dire consequences of the many unintended side-effects of the industrial revolution. From efficiency to low-waste strategies culminating in affordable, clean energy generation from the sun, the path to a bright clean world is within your reach.

No longer just a trendy subject matter for cocktail parties, sustainable living must be a strategy we adopt as a society to avoid a grim future of increasing poverty, collapsing health, social disintegration and the extinction of the biosphere. We are at the tipping point right now. The political process, too often in the pocket of industry will be glacial in changing our current course. We don't have the time - the people must vote with their pocketbooks and personal lifestyle choices,

Light On The Earth: The Solar Option is the first step on the way to a clean, green energy conscience while maintaining a high standard of living. and it can recoup its purchase price many times over.